Amazon will deal with freight forwarding

Amazon, so far, has dealt exclusively with commerce, supplying products to outsourced companies. However, the American corporation wants to enter the shipping industry and create a new application that will allow you to order the goods as Ubera orders.

Amazon is primarily known for its online store offering tens of thousands of products in a wide variety of industries. Recently, the company has expanded its activities, and one of its newest projects is freight forwarding. Amazon has used third parties to deliver mail to its customers, but now it wants to offer it to others.

The media reports that Jeff Bezos is building a new application that is called Uber’s forwarding. The company wants to enter the industry with an estimated value of $ 800 billion.

The application will appear on the market next summer and is set to be an extension of Amazon Flex, where each of us can become Amazon’s supplier and charge a delivery fee to customers if the recipient lives near our route.

In other words, the application will allow you to order goods, provide the exact cost of the service, and provide us with a recommendation system so we can know which of the trucks will deliver our cargo the fastest.

This is not the only idea of ​​the concern related to forwarding. A few months ago, the company announced plans to enter the maritime and air transport market. Within a few years he plans to rent 40 aircraft, which will ensure fast and efficient transport of goods.

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