G-Technology G-Drive External Hard Drive Review

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  • Pocket video camera as much as 10 ft. 3 meters)
  • It has VL812 controller chipset which has very stable and excellent hub power
  • The most important feature is that you will get 18 months warranty with this device
  • Charge the battery fully until the LED on the power cable goes green
  • Universal AC Power Supply
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This process enhances it’s life and no ruggedness the SRS-X55 includes a microphone. …

Apple MacBook Air 12 will be completely new?

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Rumors of a new MacBook Air with a 12-inch display have been rolling around the net for months. The latest news, however, tells us that this time we will not have to deal with cosmetic changes, as Apple plans to create an entirely new product.

As Mark Gurman reports from 9to5Mac, another MacBook Air model from Cupertino will be a brand new hardware. The California corporation will not limit itself only to cosmetic fixes as it usually does, but intends to redesign the hardware completely, incorporating changes not only in design, but also in functionality and technical specifications.

The new MacBook Air will have a brand new design and will feature USB Type C ports, MagSafe connectors, and redesigned memory card slots. At the same time it will become thinner and lighter and will come with a higher resolution display. It will also be noticeably smaller than the 13-inch version, and its dimensions will be closer to the 11-inch model.

According to Gurman, Apple has redesigned the function keys and arrow buttons, and the keyboard now extends from the edge to the edge. The trackpad, which is no longer the same as the previous one, has been changed and the spaces between the keys have been reduced.

Over the keyboard, there are four grille covers for the speakers, which at the same time serve as additional air vents, making the inside of the computer much more efficient cooling, which should eliminate the problem of notorious overheating of the equipment.

Of course, information from unconfirmed sources, which may concern one of the prototypes and described changes, do not necessarily have to be in the final version of the device. However, it must be borne in mind that Gurman is a very credible source and in the past has repeatedly provided information that later turned out to be true.

Ransomware inspired by Star Trek

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Security experts have discovered the existence of a new ransomware that encrypts files on disk. The tool is called Kirk, and its creators are apparently fans of the Star Trek series.

These days, the biggest threat to our computers is so-called ransomware. This is a specially developed tool for encrypting important files on our drive and then requesting ransom for unlocking.

One of the newest ransomware is Kirk, discovered by James Kroustek, an Avast researcher. It is not known exactly how the threat is distributed but found in the Low Orbital Ion Cannon application, which is a tool for testing network traffic. When Kirk is started, it starts encrypting the files with the RSA-4096 key.

It hits 625 file types, including the most popular, mp3, docx, zip, jpeg, wma and many more. After working, he informs the victim that if he wants to unlock it, he must pay the ransom using Monero, a safe Bitcoin-like cryptanalyst.

The first two days demand 50 Monero, which is equivalent to $ 1265. Then every couple of days the harassment doubles, and if the charge is not sent for 31 days, the key to decrypt the data is erased.

For now there is no way to free unlock files.

Microsoft employee arrested for child pornography stored in OneDrive

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Thanks to a message filed by Microsoft, one of the employees of the US corporation has been arrested for having child pornography. On his account in the cloud, many banned materials were found.

Microsoft is a huge corporation employing thousands of people, so it can not be ruled out that not all of them follow the law, and sometimes there will be black sheep. This was the case for 49-year-old Gregory Rentfro, who was employed by Redmond as a security engineer.

Thanks to the notice made by the supervisor of the man, the police arrested him. It turned out that in his account in the cloud store materials with child pornography. It was detected with the help of OneDrive-specific tools to check for illegal content. The application was sent automatically, so it is unknown whether Microsoft’s boss knew that the suspect was their employee.

The company issued a statement explaining that the employee is on leave until the investigation is completed. The suspect himself has been detained for the time being, as investigators suspect he may pose a threat to his own child.

Facebook will warn you before posting a picture of your baby

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Protecting the privacy of the web – we learn it for ourselves, our friends, and others’ mistakes. Worse, if the victims of our carelessness were to become others, especially children, and this would just try to prevent the new Facebook function.

The most popular social networking site offers a lot of privacy settings so that the user has control over what other users are seeing, and who has access to his posts. The thing is that not all of them use this type of setting, without unnecessarily sharing pictures of holidays not only with close friends but also the whole world.

Of course, if anyone wants to, why not? More and more people are also aware that if they were posing for photos with other people, it is also worth asking them permission to publish a photo. Unfortunately, many parents, recognizing the privacy rights of other people, for some reason in this category do not place their children. And although the grown-up “John” will not be bothered that aunts and uncles see a photo of “Jasia” in the bath, it may have a different opinion if access to it all.

That’s why the new Facebook feature will send a warning if you want to publicize your baby’s photo. This function is based on advanced image analysis algorithms. As Jay Parikh pointed out from facebook, this feature can also be useful to a conscious parent who, by accident, sends a photo from the phone. He also gave us an example of how an example warning might look like: “Hey, this picture of your kids, usually you only share it with your family members, are you sure?”.

ISS will go to private hands

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NASA will soon leave the low Earth orbit to explore the planet. This means abandoning the International Space Station and building completely new habitats. The ISS will not, however, cease to function, but will be handed over to private consortia.

The International Space Station, which has been circling our heads for years, will soon be no longer needed. NASA plans to launch deep space exploration, and this means expeditions to the Moon, Mars and other planets. A low-orbit station is no longer used.

The plan assumes funding only until 2024, and then you will have to do something about it. NASA does not intend to destroy the construction used over the years to carry out hundreds of scientific experiments. Instead it will give it back to the private hands and then the companies will finance it further and use it for their own purposes.

The huge popularity of tablet from india

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Within just two weeks of launching the Akash Indian tablet, just 1.4 million orders were made.

Chinese tablets conquer the market with good performance and a very attractive price, but even they may not have the chance to hit Akash, the world’s cheapest device of this type, designed in India.

Just two weeks ago, the tablet was sold for $ 45, while its creators reported that they had managed 1.4 million orders. It gives 100 thousand. New orders every day. Datawind, the world’s cheapest tablet maker, said that due to such high demand for equipment, it opens three new factories to meet demand. It will be launched in Hyderabad, where there is already one factory, and another in Cochin and Noidan.

The popularity of the tablet surprised even the producers who explained that they did not expect so much interest and therefore initially thought that the production of 70-75 thousand. Copies per day, will be enough.

The vision of the shop window according to Panasonica

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Panasonic engineers from Panasonic, together with lawson specialists, have developed a new type of self-service store. The prototype named Regirobo will not only charge the product itself, but will also pack it.

Grocery stores are increasingly seeking to reduce staff by automating many activities. The most prominent manifestation of this strategy are self-service checkouts, which allow customers to manually count all purchased products and make a claim.

In the near future such cash registers can completely dominate grocery stores, and the announcement is Amazon Go, a shop where service is not needed at all. Sensors, machine learning technology, and other modern technologies will automatically record what the customer inserts in the shopping cart and count the amount that will automatically be charged to the credit card.

Panasonic does not have such a bold vision, but the Japanese company is also working on making it easier to shop. Together with Lawon, he has developed a modern self-service checkout that frees the customer from the need to scan the product. The cash box will do it yourself and then automatically pack our purchases.

The project called Regirobo is for the time being very early in the prototype phase and is far from complete. The cashier’s shop in Osaka, near Panasonica headquarters, requires a manual scan of the product. However, if the tests are successful and the cash register is fully refined, it will start shipping in 2018.

We buy a washing machine

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There are so many washing machines in the shops that you do not know where to look. In the corner are even well-known Franie. Today we will tell you what to look for when buying these devices.

Designers somehow do not fancy the design of this type of device. Therefore, the appearance of our advice is of secondary importance. We focus on functions. And for the price.

The new good old Frania is about $ 100. And it is the cheapest offer on the market. However, we are looking for an automatic washing machine and we have $ 225 in our wallet. Will I be able to buy something sensible?

In this class you can not count on super quick spin, large number of programs, silent work or automatic selection of washing parameters depending on the weight of the batch. Yes, it is easy to find a spinning machine with a speed of 1000 rpm, although in this price range there are a lot of devices with a maximum speed of 800 rpm. They will also have basic programs for washing such as wool, synthetics or quick washing of little dirty things.

It will be difficult to buy a $ 225 washing machine loaded from above. The vast majority of models at this price range are washing machines with front opening doors. It is worth to pay attention to their size, direction of opening (left, right) and angle of opening. The standard now is more than 30 cm – it makes it easy to throw dirt and remove clean laundry. Notice the depth of the washing machine. It used to be 60 centimeters – in a small bathroom this item was a real hazard. Today’s are also made shallow – even 40 cm deep. But they are rather more expensive.

When buying cheap products we can be calm environment. At present, these types of appliances almost certainly have energy class A or A +, which guarantees low consumption of electricity.

Somewhat more we can be picky when we buy for $ 300. Then we can look for a washing machine with a spin speed of 1200 rpm. It’s easier to find one loaded from above. There are also a growing number of programs available. Some models have 20 or more of them – such as those that make ironing easy. On the washing machines there are also electronic displays (made in LCD or LED technology) that show the basic parameters of laundry (eg temperature, speed of rotation of the centrifuge) and sometimes even the time until the end of work. There is also an option to set the start time of the laundry. It is so important that wet things quickly get out less crunchy and as a result it is easier to iron them.

The vast majority of devices in this …

NASA will get more money than she wanted

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The US space agency’s leadership has a great reason to be happy. For years she had to deal with serious budget cuts, but now she does not have to worry about it. NASA will get as much as 19.3 billion dollars, which is much more than she wanted. This is what the budget wants to give it to the American Congress.

After years of pruning the budget for NASA, the situation is starting to change for the better and soon the space agency will no longer have to worry about the lack of money. NASA’s next-year budget proposal is $ 19.3 billion. This proposal is significantly higher than the Obama administration’s $ 18.5 billion, and $ 1.27 billion more than this year’s budget.

With more money, NASA will be able to fully implement the manned space shipbuilding program involving private consortia. NASA has already booked first manned flights with its partners, such as Boeing and SpaceX, but no definite deadlines have yet been agreed.

For NASA, the US manned flight crew project is particularly important because, since the 2011 shuttle program was canceled, the agency is dependent on the Russians in this matter. Whenever he wants to send his astronauts into space, he must pay for using Soyuz rockets as much as $ 80 million for one place. If the flight program is scheduled to launch, NASA will save a lot of money, because in the event of a delay, it would have to pay the Russians up to six additional seats in 2018.

Naturally, manned space flights are not the only initiative the agency makes. Another project is SLS (Space Launch System), NASA’s launch platform for missiles, to be used to carry ships into space, including travel to Mars. The project will receive $ 2 billion, $ 300 million more than this year, and $ 644 million more than its administration needed.

Another project is the manned Orion capsule, which will receive $ 1.27 billion, 70 million more than the previous year. Its first flight is scheduled to take place no later than April 2023.

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